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Kodak EasyShare One Series 1050mAh Replacement Battery

The following battery is a replacement compatible battery for Kodak EasyShare One Series which is guaranteed to maintain 80% of its rated capacity for 12 months from the date of shipment.

Disclaimer: All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The listed brand names and model designations are intended only to show the compatibility of these products with various machines. All products on this page are generic, aftermarket, replacement parts.

Compatible Products:

024-910001-10, 02491-0006-10, 02491-0009-01, 02491-0012-01, 02491-0017-00, 02491-0017-01, 02491-0019-00, 02491-0060-00, 02491-0060-08, 084-07042L-004, 084-07042l-026, 084-07042L-066, 4013, A1812A, A-23002, A-HD, AHD-100, AHD-200, AHD-300, AHD-300 Plus, AHD-C100, AHD-Z500 Plus, AHD-Z600, AHD-Z700, Allegretto 5300, AZ-1, AZ-2, AZ-2 Zoom, Camedia AZ-1, Camedia AZ-2 Zoom, Camileo, Camileo H10, Camileo H10 PX1456K, Camileo H20, Camileo H20 PX1479K, Camileo HD, Camileo HD PA4084K, Camileo P10, Camileo P10 PX1488K, Camileo P20, Camileo P30, Camileo P30 PX1497K, Camileo Pro, Camileo Pro HD, Camileo Pro HD PA4065K, Camileo S10, Camileo S10 Pro, Camileo S10 PX1506K, Caplio 300G, Caplio 400G wide, Caplio G3, Caplio G4, Caplio G4 wide, Caplio GX, Caplio RR10, Caplio RR30, CGA-S301, CGA-S301A1, CGA-S302A, CGA-S302A/1B, CGA-S302E/1B, COMA-BP1, D1, D2, D5, D6, DAM-Z5X, DAM-Z5X2, DB-40, DB-43, DC 52, DC 5330, DC C50, DC C60, DC5211, DC-5300, DC-5350, DC-5390, DC-6300, DC6311, DC8111, DC-T50, DDC-828, DDV-1000, DDV-1080, DDV-1080HD, DDV-1100, DDV-1100B, DDV-1100HD, DDV-5000, DDV-511, DDV-5110B, DDV-5110R, DDV-5120, DDV-5120A, DDV-5210A, DDV-5300, DDV-6000, DDV-6120A, DDV-660, DDV-7000, DDV-7110, DDV-730, DDV-7300, DDV-9000, DDV-A7000, DDV-C511, DDV-D7A, DDV-D7B, DDV-DL11M, DDV-H10, DDV-H10Z, DDV-H20, DDV-H82Z, DDV-H9, DDV-M1, DDV-R70, DDV-S670, DDV-V1, DDV-V1000, DDV-V2, DDV-V3HD, DDV-V6, DDV-V7, DDV-XT16I, DDV-Z530, Digimax U-CA 3, Digimax U-CA 4, Digimax U-CA 401, Digimax U-CA 5, Digimax U-CA 501, Digimax U-CA 505, Digimax U-CA3, Digimax U-CA4, Digimax U-CA401, Digimax U-CA5, Digimax U-CA501, Digimax U-CA505, Digimax V10, Digimax V700, Digimax V800, DiVi CAM 428, D-LI2, D-LI7, DS9810, DSC-521, DV30HD, DV-5, DV-5000, DV-5000G, DV-5000Z, DV-5070, DV5311, DV5311HD, DV-5580Z, DV5800, DV720, DV-920, DV-920.HD, DVC 5.1 HDMI, DVC 5.2 FHD, DVC 5.7 FHD, DVC 6.1, DVC 7.1Z, DVC-00725F, DVR-390H, DVR-410, DVR-525HD, DVR-530, DVR-545, DVR-550, DVR-550G, DVR-565, DVR-565HD, DVR-688, DVR-710, DVR-7300X, DVR-830XHD, DVR-840XHD, DX, DX6490, DX7440, DX7590, DX7630, DX9, DXG-521, DZO-V37, DZO-V58N, DZO-V58N Pocket, DZO-Z33, DZO-Z53, EasayShare LS420, EasayShare LS443 Zoom, EasayShare LS633 Zoom, EasayShare LS743 Zoom, EasayShare LS753 Zoom, EasayShare One, EasayShare Z730 Zoom, EasyShare DX6490, EasyShare DX7440, EasyShare DX7590, EasyShare DX7590 Zoom, EasyShare DX7630, EasyShare LS420, EasyShare LS433, EasyShare LS443, EasyShare LS633, EasyShare LS743, EasyShare LS753, EasyShare One Series, EasyShare One Zoom, EasyShare P712, EasyShare P850, EasyShare P880, EasyShare Z730, EasyShare Z7590, EasyShare Z760, ee-pack-33, Ferrari Digital Model 2004, FinePix 50i, FinePix 601, FinePix F401, FinePix F401 Zoom, FinePix F410, FinePix F410 Zoom, FinePix F601, FinePix F601 Zoom, FinePix F601Zoom, FinePix M, FinePix M603, FinePix M603 Zoom, FinePix MX, FNB-82LI, GO-HD, Gwen, H100, H20-HD-SD, HD 10x, HD 720P, HD11.0i, HD170, HD170S, HDDV-2600Blk, HDDV-3000, HDDV-3000B, HD-V110, HD-V120, HDV-R50, i8, IS-DV, JayCam DC5890, JayCam DC6000, JayCam DC6025, JayCam DC6C, JayCam DC7000, JayCam DSC5120, JayCam DXC11, JayCam i430, JayCam i5100, JayCam i560, JayCam i6628, JayCam i8280, JayCam i8330, JayCam VS7150, JD 3.3 x 4 ie, KLIC-5000, L1812A, LDC-4013, LDC-4230, LDC-626Z3, LDC-825z3, LDC-828Z, LDC-828z3, LDC-XT16i, LI-20B, LP37, LS420, LS443, LS633, LS743, LS753, LT41856, M8, MD41856, MD81238, MD85146, MD85733, MD85961, MD88188, Micromaxx MM85085, Micromaxx MM85806, Movieline DP-6000, Movieline DV5, Movieline P3, Movieline P5, Movieline RCP-10325X, Movieline RCP-8325X, Movieline SD-5, Multicam MC-A8, Multicam MC-HD800, Multicam MDV Opto HD8000, Multicam MDV Slim HD81i, Multicam MDV-HD8, Multicam MDV-HD80i, My Line Online, Mylo, Mylo COM-1, Mylo COM-1/B, Mylo COM-1/W, Mylo COM-2, MZ-DV, ND-6360, NP-30, NP-30DBA, NP-60, NS-DCC5HB09, NS-DV1080P, NS-DV720P, NS-DV720PBL, Optima 1338mT, Optima 2338MT, Optio 330, Optio 330RS, Optio 430, Optio 430RS, Optio 450, P712, P850, P880, PA3792U, PDC-3370, PDR-5300, PDR-BT3, PDR-T20, PDR-T30, PhotoSmart R07, PhotoSmart R507, PhotoSmart R607, PhotoSmart R607 BMW, PhotoSmart R607 Gwen, PhotoSmart R607xi, PhotoSmart R707, PhotoSmart R707v, PhotoSmart R707xi, PhotoSmart R717, PhotoSmart R725, PhotoSmart R727, PhotoSmart R817, PhotoSmart R817v, PhotoSmart R817xi, PhotoSmart R818, PhotoSmart R827, PhotoSmart R837, PhotoSmart R847, PhotoSmart R927, PhotoSmart R937, PhotoSmart R967, PhotoStar 5633, PhotoStar 6820, PhotoStar N633, PhotoStar N635, PhotoStar N729, PhotoStar N729B, PhotoStar N820, PhotoStar VC001, PhotoStar VC004, Pocket DV-5700, Pocket DV-8700, Pocket DV-8800LE, Pocket DV-H100, PocketCam 8900, PocketDV AHD-100, PocketDV AHD-200, PocketDV AHD-300, PocketDV AHD-C100, PocketDV AHD-Z500, PocketDV AHD-Z500 Plus, PocketDV DDV-V1, PocketDV T200, PocketDV V100LE, PocketDV Z100LE, PocketDV Z100Pro, PocketDV Z200LE, PocketDV Z200Pro, PocketDV Z300HD, PX1425E-1BRS, Q2232-8000, Q2232-80001, QV-R3, QV-R4, RCP-10325X, RCP-8325X, S20, S20B, S20B HD, SB-L1037, SB-L1137, SH-1060, SV-AS3, SV-AS3A, SV-AV10, SV-AV100, SV-AV100EG-S, SV-AV10-A, SV-AV10-R, SV-AV10-S, SV-AV10-U, SV-AV20, SV-AV20U, SV-AV25, SV-AV25EG-S, SV-AV30, SV-AV35, SV-PT1, T-1000, T200, T-500, T-800, T-900, Traveler DC-5300, Traveler DC-5390, Traveler DC-6300, V100-LE, V2T6, V5000, V5T2, V5V, V5VP, VideoShot DVH1080, VideoShot DVH20, VideoShot DVH22, VideoShot DVH24, VideoShot DVH5330, VideoShot DVH5910, ViviCam 3795, ViviCam 3930, ViviCam 4000, VPC-HD100, VW-VBA10, VW-VBA12, VW-VBA20, VW-VBA21, X-1, Z100-LE, Z100-Pro, Z200-LE, Z200-Pro, Z300HD, Z5X5P, Z730, Z7590, Z760, Zoom DV

Kodak EasyShare One Series 1050mAh Replacement Battery

$14.80 Regular Price
$13.30Sale Price
  • Battery Type Li-ion
    Capacity 1050 mAh
    Voltage 3.7V
    Dimension 53.20 x 35.30 x 7.10mm
    Color Black
    Shipping Time 4-7 Business Days
    Condition New
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